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Leather repairs Sheffield is pioneer in providing the comprehensive Bolster Repair services. Since Leather comes in the class of flexible and beautiful products, it is utilized in manufacturing the sitting items and more like couches, car seats and sofa. After the prolonged use of leather bolsters, these begin to wear and tear and lose their quality, natural shade and erudition that causes bad looking seat.

We have been emerged with the exciting and affordable Bolster Repairs Sheffield offers you the excellent restoration of leather to its natural brightness and charm to leave your car or couch appealing. We are specialized in the repair and renovation of leather used in the furniture, couch and car seat. Whether it is damaged by scratch, stain, tear or burn, we undertake the project of proper fixing of leather damage.

leather-repair-servcieWorking for several years we have earned vital experience in repairing the leather bolster of furniture, car interior, handbags, clothes and other leather items. If the leather panel is completely damaged, we recommend replacing with the new leather to ensure the repair is in your budget. The special color matching machine installed in our workshop performs the task to choose the exact color match for your furniture. The damaged leather is removed and considered as an example to slice the panels. The color is compared to get the original color or sprayed to match. On the other hand, if the external color is faded away after long use, it is reapplied by using airbrush. We make utmost efforts to get the matching color by using various ways to get the color that replicates the natural tone.

We perform the customized foam and padding to get the exact match of shape and size. The spring replacement and webbing is done to enhance the robustness, convenience and support.

We also perform the leather stitching job. If the stitching task is minor, it is performed on the spot however the major stitching task is performed in our workshop. We provide the following repair jobs for your leather bolster restoration:
Crack, oil stain, color alteration, faded color, chemical spill, color restoration, Ink stains, loose leather removal, leather tears and holes.

We believe in rendering the firm services to our clients. Our Leather Restoration Sheffield offers an affluence of experience and peace of mind as well as we recommend the best viable solution for the torn furniture or car bolster repair.